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The Difference Between a Touch Up and a Correction

The Difference Between a Touch Up and a Correction

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In permanent makeup when you mix two complementary colors the result is a brown color. When you implant one color on top of its complementary,  it will turn to a neutral brown.


Thinking about these characteristics, the Softap Color palette includes the Correction Aid Colors 


  • Green: Lime-Aid- It is best for neutralizing red or orange tones.
  • Orange: Orange-Aid- This is best for neutralizing a blue or gray color.
  • Yellow: Lemon-Aid helps in those cases when your client has multiple colors in her eyebrows.





      Dr Cardona I appreciate all your advice great blog iam a new pmu artist so far only concentrating on perfecting microblading before adding any other services but my issue is I’m having issue w my Microblading fading to soon My problem that I feel peoples pain so when I know they’re in pain I do not want to go over the second pass specially when I see swelling or irritation to their brow area mostly fair skin clients can I do touch up in 2 wks Ofcourse only if I see they healed already (instead of 4 to 6 wk ) is it normal as a new artist any suggestions well appreciate it :)PS : I do use Softap pigment !

      Jodie R Ashworth
      Jodie R Ashworth

      I’d like to try this but do I need a professional to this for me? Not sure I want to try permanent make up? Tell me more about it.

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