FAQ for Patients


Can I come in with my brows drawn on as I like them?

Yes, if they are exactly perfect and drawn just how you like them, your SofTap® professional can create an outline, thoroughly cleanse your skin and get right to work. This can save you both a lot of time, especially if you draw in your brows with the color chosen at your consultation. However, don’t worry if you are unsure of your ability to draw on your eyebrows. Your SofTap professional will be able to create a beautiful shape that will compliment your features.

Why do my eyebrows look so dark during the healing process?

This is a result of the natural oxidation process that takes place in the skin once the permanent makeup pigment has been implanted. The color reacts slowly with oxygen in the air, turning it darker. This is a completely natural and normal occurrence for our pigments.

How do I choose a color for my eyebrows? 

Your permanent makeup specialist can guide you in this. See How to Select an Eyebrow Color.

I had my brows done and they're too dark, can I change the color?

SofTap® colors are truly awesome in this respect and it is for this reason that permanent makeup artists love these PMU inks. We can change red to brown, black to blonde—there are many possibilities. If your brows are too dark, see your local SofTap® professional for a color correction. Keep in mind that going from light to dark is much easier than going from dark to light. The number of applications will vary according to how drastic the change is.

My brows are red, can I correct them?

Yes, see a SofTap® professional near you to schedule a correction appointment. For professionals, be sure to use our SofTap color correcting pigments for this job.


I want my eyelashes to look fuller, like when I can't get off all my makeup, can you do this?

Absolutely! SofTap® professionals love this. We do it so often we call it the Eyelash Enhancement. For artists, be sure you are using the right eyelash needles for the desired effect!

Can you do tails in my eyeliner?

Yes, this is commonly doable. Your SofTap® professional will draw them in for you before working so you can approve the upsweep and length.

I put my eyeliner in that flat area inside my eyelashes, close to my eye. Can you implant color here?

No, implanting color in the grey line of your eyes can damage your meibomian glands and cause a number of health concerns including dry eye.

What should I do during the healing process for my eyes? 

See our Post Treatment Instructions for Eyeliner for more details.

How do I choose a color for my eyeliner?

Your SofTap professional can aid with color selection, but you can look at our color chart for more information.

Can you do permanent eyeshadow?

The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest and most delicate on your whole body. While some minimal shading can be done above your lash line, eyeshadow is not advised.


How do I choose a color for my lips?

Read about How to Select a Lip Color.

Can I get my lips bright red, like fire engine red?

No, no matter what brand of permanent lip pigment is used, you will never get fire engine red lips because of the blue undertones present in all natural lips. This blue mixing with red will create a pink or mauve tone, not a true red. Our lip colors are designed to give you the sexiest look possible for everyday wear. Your professional can custom blend our lip colors to give you something that defines your lips better, but don't expect fire engine red.

If I have a lot of melanin in my skin, can I get a brighter berry color for my lips?

People who naturally have very dark lips have a lot of melanin in their skin, which tends to turn pigment darker than it's original shade. Berry shades and brighter colors MAY be achieved for your lips, but it is more difficult to do. Have your professional do a patch test on your lip first to see how certain colors heal up. Often, these lips types require lip pigment colors that look very bright before implantation, so that they can heal to your desired color.

Why do my lips look like I lost all my color?

Lips are made up of very thin skin with a lot of blood flow underneath the dermal layer—hence the natural pink color. Increased circulation, combined with the natural exfoliation of your lips, makes it very hard for lips to retain color. This is why lips are usually not considered complete until after two or three treatments.

What should I do during the healing process for my lips?
I have a history of cold sores; can I get my lips done?

Yes, if you have ever had a cold sore you should know that cold sores are actually symptoms of herpes simplex type 1. At least one in five people in the United States have this disease. If your case if severe, simply inform your technician and prepare for your procedure by ordering any appropriate prescription medication.

I have never had cold sores, am I clear to have my lips done?

1 in 5 people have this virus and don't know it, if you are concerned, you can order appropriate medication as a precaution.


Does it hurt?

SofTap® is the gentlest method you will find for implanting permanent color into the skin. The sensation is said to be similar to tweezing. If you are sensitive, your SofTap® professional will use a topical anesthetic for permanent makeup procedures on your eyebrows. Lips and eyeliner always require topical anesthetic.

Does is look good?

Yes, with the SofTap® method, you can have natural looking makeup, 24/7. Because this process is done by hand, it is easy to avoid harsh, dark, and unnatural permanent makeup.

Do I get a say in how my makeup is done?

Of course. Your SofTap® professional wouldn't dream of giving you a design you didn't want. This is a process in which the both of you work together to find what works for you—after all it is for you!

How much does permanent makeup cost?

Prices vary depending on the expertise of the professional, the type of work, and the circumstances surrounding your individual case. If you want straightforward procedures such as eyeliner, eyebrows, or lips done by an experienced professional, expect to pay a few hundred dollars. If you want extensive camouflage and shape correction done by a master in the field, expect to pay a few thousand dollars. Remember, this is an investment. If the price seems too good to be true, it often is. It is always better to invest in a highly-trained professional, rather than regret how your permanent makeup looks later on.

How long will it last?

This depends on the color and style you have chosen. If you choose a subtle, light color and application, expect to need more touch-ups than if you choose a dark color and heavier application. It is important to understand that while very dark colors and heavy applications require little or no touch ups, they do not look as natural and therefore are not recommended.

Will I need a touch-up?

Most likely. Light color and light applications need touch-ups to stay looking natural. Medium applications need fewer touch-ups, but you still need them. If you have a very dark color implanted deeply in your skin, you may never need a touch-up. We recommend a lighter color and more touch-ups for a more natural look. Keep in mind, touch-ups are required regardless of the brand of permanent makeup pigment that is used.

How often should I come in to refresh the color?

In order to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh, we recommend a touch up every two years for light brows and eyeliner, every five years for medium brows and dark eyeliner, and probably once in ten years for lips. Lips usually retain color very well once they are successfully implanted, even though the lip pigment might fade after the initial treatment.

Why do I need a touch up if this is permanent?

Because color is implanted in the facial area there tends to be more fluid circulation than other parts of the body. Your face sees the most wear of any piece of you—exposure to the sun, food, facial products—the list goes on and on. All of these things cause the permanent color to fade, this is why you need a touch-up.

How can I extend the life of my procedure?

Your beautiful permanent makeup will last longer if you apply sunblock daily and avoid abrasive facial treatments in the brow area.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

If you are sensitive, you may take an over the counter pain reliever approximately one hour prior to your procedure. Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinners as these promote bleeding. If you are having your eyeliner done, refrain from wearing contact lenses and eye makeup, conventional eye makeup may leave residue and make the procedure more difficult. For lip procedures, you may obtain a prescription to prevent viral outbreaks if you are prone to this.

How long does the procedure take?

This will vary with the type of work you are having done and your sensitivity. Generally speaking, basic eyebrow fills, eyelash enhancements, and straightforward lip liner each take a little under an hour. More complicated work such as thick eyeliner, eyebrows with hair strokes, and full lips take about two hours. Extremely difficult procedures will probably take more time and be broken up into several appointments (scar camouflage, correction etc.) Your PMU artist will use special permanent makeup needle configurations based on the job that needs to be done, so an eyelash enhancement will use a different needle than an areola repigmentation, and so forth.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't get it done?

There are a few cases (medical conditions, medication etc) where permanent makeup may not be right or possible for you. Ask your SofTap professional about your case at your consultation.

Can I resume normal activity, exercising, gardening, etc?

Most normal activities can be resumed right away. Heavy exercise should be avoided for at least a week for best results—any sweat formed on your brows can fade your healing color. Swimming should also be on hold for at least a week, as pool chemicals would erode your healing color as well. Outdoors activities such as gardening or golf can be resumed as long as your treatment area remains clean, dry, and out of the sun. For best results do not expose your procedure to any unnecessary wear.

Is there going to be any scabbing?

There can be scabbing if your skin is sensitive. Eyeliner procedures tend to scab more than eyebrows. DO NOT pick off these scabs; picking scabs may result in a loss of color or minor scarring.

Why do I see color flaking off after about a week?

This can happen for a number of reasons, but it usually has to do with skin type. Older skin, more weathered skin, and drier skin may flake color off during the healing process. There should be color underneath, but if not, your SofTap professional will touch up your color at your follow-up appointment.

Will I be swollen?

Eyebrows swell slightly. Swelling is normal and expected for lip and eyeliner procedures. We recommend ice packs ten minutes each hour for the first three hours after these procedures to minimize swelling.

Will I have to hide from my friends?

No! You can go out that night if you want to. Ice your procedure, apply your RecoverAll ointment, and have a ball!

I don't want it to look harsh, what should I do?

The SofTap method is known for its natural results. Bring a picture of brows, eyes, or lips that you love—magazine cutouts are great. Show or tell your professional what your goals are for the final result, and they will do their utmost to help you achieve your desired look.

Can it be removed?

Small exfoliations and corrections may be possible, but if you want a complete removal you should see a laser specialist.

I already have permanent makeup and I want to change the shape, can you help? 

Yes, changes to your old design can be made by an experienced SofTap® professional using color-correcting and camouflaging pigments, see someone in your area for a personal consultation.