Anesthetic Numbing Creams & Lip Balms

Does it hurt?- Not necessarily


 Keeping your client comfortable is a top priority for permanent cosmetic professionals. With the gentle SofTap technique all you need are topical anesthetics to put yourself and your clients at ease. Pre-numb with BLOCKAID  and keep your client comfortable during the whole procedure with MINNERVA.

Over The Counter Anesthetics with Lidocaine & Natural Ingredients



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Blockaid Phase I- Anesthetic

It is the cream that prepares the skin with a perfect numbing. It is safe for eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Pre-numb all procedures with Blockaid.  It works well on unbroken skin before you start your procedure. Allow Blockaid to sit on the surface of the skin for 15-20 minutes. 

Minnerva II- Anesthetic- Minimizes bleeding

Keep your client comfortable during the procedure with Minnerva. This combination of 4% Lidocaine and 0.04% Epinephrine is excellent for use on broken skin. Allow sitting on the surface of broken skin for 10-20 seconds. 

Liprotek #7-Aftercare treatment for Lips

A specialized lip balm in chapstick form to be used for temporarily relieving pain from fever blisters or cold sores. Supply clients prone to the condition with a stick of Liprotek to take home, so they can heal in comfort after their lip procedure. It contains a local anesthetic and herbal antioxidants to provide excellent aftercare relief.

Numstick 5%- Anesthetic

A specialized lip balm in chapstick form to be used to reduce sensation on lips. We highly recommend this chapstick style formulation with 5% Lidocaine to pre-numb lips


It is a good deal and the perfect combination of topical numbing creams.  Use Block Aid to Pre-numb all procedures, and Minnerva II  to keep your client comfortable during the procedure and minimize bleeding.

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