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 Using the Fitzpatrick Skin Types By Dr. Cardona

The classification known as the Fitzpatrick skin type (or phototype) depends on the amount of melanin pigment in the skin. This is determined by the constitutional color (white, brown, or black skin) and the result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation (tanning). This scale was described by Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, American Dermatologist, father of modern dermatology, and is often used in PMU and micropigmentation since the pigment implanted in the skin interacts directly with melanin determining the final result of the color.

When you do permanent makeup or microblading, you must be very familiar with the characteristics of the skin types so that you can correctly classify your client and select the color in the most appropriate way.

Skin types, according to Fitzpatrick, are classified from 1 to 6, taking into account the characteristics of hair color, skin color, and eye color. These structures are used because they have melanin in common.

 This is the table that summarizes the characteristics of skin types according to Fitzpatrick:

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The melanin, the substance that generates the skin tone, is produced by melanocytes, cells that are found in the epidermis, and their main function is associated with protection against ultraviolet radiation.

There are different types of melanin, and in humans, the most common are called Pheomelanin and Eumelanin, which are present in all people but in different concentrations. These concentrations are genetically determined and vary according to different ethnic groups.

Pheomelanin is more abundant in light skin (skin types 1-2 and 3), producing a pink to red hue, also found in large quantities in red hair. Pheomelanin is found additionally on the lips and nipples.
Eumelanin gives color to gray, black, yellow, and brown hair and is more abundant in people with dark skin (skin types 4-5 and 6).

The following images and charts help you identify this classification and color selection more straightforwardly.


Strawberry blondes, redheads, or auburn hair color with green eyes, light skin, and eyebrows


Blondes, gray, or white hair with blue eyes, blond hair, blond eyebrows, and light skin.


Brunettes of Dark, Medium, and Light Brown hair with honey or light brown eyes, light skin, and light eyebrows.


Dark skin, brown eyes, hair and dark brown eyebrows.


Darker skin, black eyes, hair and black eyebrows.


Darker skin, black eyes, hair and black eyebrows.

This information is important because when you implant a pigment in the skin, you must imagine the tone you are applying (cold, neutral or warm tone) mixed with 30% of the melanin (pheomelanin or eumelanin) of your client's skin to obtain the desired SofTap color.

This is why the same permanent makeup pigment sets differently in each different person. I recommend that you practice analyzing each of your clients and that you take note of it in their clinical history. It will be a great help in the following of your procedures.

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I hope that this information guide you to take advantage of the benefits of the Softap hand method.
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