What Is The Best Method To Do Permanent Make-up?

What Is The Best Method To Do Permanent Make-up?

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A professional in permanent makeup is an artist who uses the face of his or her client as a canvas. As a professional you must work with the best, giving the best of yourself; and as an artist, you must know the different techniques to achieve the most aesthetic result.

At this time in the history of permanent makeup, something very interesting is happening: the artists can choose between different methods and techniques to perform their work, either with the electric machine (dermograph) or with manual methods. The funny thing is that there is a verbal war between those who use one and those who use the others to know which one is the best.

I want to recapitulate something important and it is in the definition of permanent makeup or dermopigmentation and it is the implantation of color in the skin to achieve a long-lasting makeup. How to achieve it? Using a needle and implanting the color in the skin.

No matter what method and technique is used, the objective will always be the same: that the color is deposited in the dermis so that it has the appropriate duration.

- The method is related to the tool that is used, while the technique is related to the way in which the tool is used to achieve the different effects-

In my opinion, the best technique to make permanent makeup is "the one you master, the one you prefer, with which you feel more comfortable working and with which your clients feel comfortable and satisfied".

Yes, if you work with a dermograph and you achieve all of the above, that is the best for you,

If you do microblading and just want to make eyebrows hair strokes and they look pretty, this is the best technique for you.

If you work with Softap and you master it, you achieve the different effects, and the result you want, then that is the best technique for you.

However, I always tell my students that an artist in micropigmentation has the obligation to  constantly train themselves and to know the different techniques so that in the end he/she takes the best of each one and achieves the perfect combination that takes him/her to realize the effects that the customer is looking for or needing.

I know artists who combine different techniques in the same procedure and achieve wonderful results, as well as those who master just one and achieve perfection.

If you are starting in this profession, I recommend that you take the time to know the tools you use (needles, colors, and accessories), get friends or family to practice, see the results a month later to define if the color and the technique you used was the correct one. All of these will help you feel confident before offering the service to the public.

Once you have mastered the technique, keep learning, so one day, you can say that you are a specialist in micropigmentacion.

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