Information  for your client- About Your Next Touch Up Procedure

Information for your client- About Your Next Touch Up Procedure

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Permanent makeup includes several names associated with the technique used, such as Micropigmentation, Microblading, Micro shading, tattoo, etc. During this cosmetic procedure, a pigment is implanted on the skin. It interacts with the natural skin color and can not be easily removed or changed like other cosmetics. 

Several months after applying the color, it starts fading and may change as a natural process. To keep the optimum color, you need to touch it up every one or two years.


At this time, the new pigment interacts with both the previous one and your skin color. 


Once you notice that the color starts fading or changing, it is time to schedule a touch-up.


If you wait too long for the touch-up, the color fades significantly and may vary; the touch-up will be more complex and require several sessions to obtain a beautiful color again. 


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What medications that a potential client is currently taking, would PC need to be post-poned?

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