Tips to choose Eyeliner Colors

  • Eyeliner should make your eyes "pop." The color should be a highlight, a natural complement to your irises.
  • Many of us love the look of black eyeliner—you can have that with Black Orchid.
  • Some of you may just want a soft black, or a dark brown—in this case we need to look at skin types.
  • SofTap® eyeliner is divided into three main palettes to help you choose: Cool, Neutral, and Warm.

The Cool Palette:

  • For women with pale to fair skin, with some rosy hues. You tend to have warm tones in your skin which may require cooler colors for eyeliner. Chocolate Éclair would be lovely as a brown, and Charcoal for a soft black.

The Neutral Palette:

  • For people with gold tones in their skin. Earth would be great for a deep brown (especially on blondes) and Mahogany would be lovely as a soft black.

The Warm Palette:

  • For the tanned, darker skin tones, olive, Hispanic, and African American skin types belong in the warm palette. For a brown, we recommend German Chocolate, for a soft black, Café Ole.

Special Effects Eyeliner:

  • Fabulous colors for blue, green, or gray eyes. These colors are natural and earthy enough to make only a subtle difference, yet they can really bring out those exotic eyes of yours. Alternatively, they can be used to create a smudgy eyeliner effect just above a black or dark brown liner.

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