Eyeliner Styles to Recommend your client

These are tips on how to consult with your client

Eyelash Enhancement

  • If you don't wear a lot of makeup, but feel like you look "washed out" without it, an eyelash enhancement is perfect for you.
  • Only a very small amount of eyeliner color will be deposited throughout your natural lash line to make you appear as if your eyelashes are lush and dark.
  • You'll never wake up looking tired again.
  • You can always add to this look for a night out or put on some mascara to dress yourself up for work.

Thin Eyeliner

  • If your eyelashes are very sparse, and small amounts of eye makeup don't quite help you get that "awake" look, thin eyeliner is for you.
  • This procedure just adds a thin line right above the lash line, where you would draw in your own eyeliner.
  • You can look ready for action at any time of day, without any drama, and of course, it's easy to add to if you want drama!

Medium Eyeliner

  • If you're used to wearing moderate amounts of makeup every day, medium liner is right for you.
  • A medium amount of color is implanted where you apply your eyeliner, a bit above the lash line, to give you your everyday look.
  • You'll be ready to do business or go out on the town anytime.

Thick Eyeliner

  • If you love thick eyeliner and hate putting it on every day, permanent eyeliner is just for you.
  • Thick liner is dramatic and makes your eyes "pop."
  • Color is applied above the lash line in the style you are used to wearing—and if you're used to tails we can do that too!
  • This look is fantastic for women who love their eyeliner thick and sexy every day. Why settle for anything less?

Smudgy Eyeliner

  • That smudged look never goes out of style!
  • If you like to look soft, yet made up, smudgy eyeliner is the look for you.
  • Color is applied with a special tool that only implants color in intervals, so you can have the perfect smudge, all the time.

Special Effects Eyeliner

  • Do you have exotically colored eyes?
  • Intense eyes need a special backdrop to set them off.
  • Special effects eyeliner is the perfect way to bring out those beauties and grace the world with their presence.
  • A basic eyeliner, followed by a smudgy effect above the lash line in a different, eye flattering color, creates a place for your eyes to shine forth and sparkle.

Credit: SofTap Inc

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