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How to Choose your Client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

How to Choose your Client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

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The first impression with your client is key to keep them for life. Here is how to assess what needs to be done.
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Softap Eyeliner​ The eyeliner will make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more dressed up.  With Softap you will have a beautiful eyeliner smudge-proof even when you wake up.​  Softap Permanent makeup enhances the shape of your eyes and creates the illusion of larger and properly spaced eyes, whether you choose a natural lash enhancement or darker and dramatic liner to bring out the color of your eyes. All eyes benefit from fuller-looking lashes, and more defined eyes. Softap Eyebrows Beautiful eyebrows dress up a person's face. Balanced, full and well shaped brows are youthful and attractive.  Over-plucking and constant shaving can cause eyebrows to become sparse, uneven, or unshapely.  Thousands of women use...

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