How to Choose your Client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

How to Choose your Client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

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The style that my client wants in her eyebrows determine the technique, the needles and the color I choose. During the consultation, I take enough time analyzing her natural features and understanding what she wants and needs.

In this way, I can make the right decision by offering the effect that suits her best, whether from individual hair strokes, shadow or solid effect.

With the Softap Technique, I have endless possibilities. Its versatility allows me to get different results in accordance with the needle I use and how I use it.

Here are my tips on how I select the eyebrows style and technique:

If her brows just need a hint of color

I apply small amounts of color in the places she needs to transform a normal eyebrow into a fabulous one.

To do this, I do a light shadow throughout her natural brows with 14 needles to define them, and if necessary I do hair strokes with  6 fine or regular needles to lengthen the existing brow.

If her brows are flat and lack an arch  

I place color slightly above the existing arch with 14 or 9 needles creating the look of a brow lift. This effect takes years off of my client’s face.

If she has sparse brows

I apply color using the shadow technique using 14 needles over the entire eyebrow to define her brows.

If she needs a deeper, more defined look

I do a solid effect using 9 or 12 needles.

If she has hair in the wrong place

Permanent brows are a great guideline for her to tweeze them, so I design her eyebrows using as much of her brow hair as possible to create a flattering shape, all my client need to do this to keep it clean.  

A solid effect using 9 or 12 needles or shadow effect using 14 needles may benefit her.

If she has experienced a complete loss of hair in the tail of her brow

I extend it to achieve a more youthful appearance. I do this with either a solid fill using 9 or 12 needles or with delicate hair strokes using 6 regular or fine needles using the Microblading Technique or 5 straight needles with the traditional Softap Technique which imitate the growth of real hair in the area and they look very natural.

If all or part of her bulb is missing

I add a few hair strokes with 16 or 14 curved needles or 6 fine or regular Genuline needles, or I do a shadow with 14 curved needles.

If  she is  missing her entire eyebrow

Then simulated hair strokes can make her brows appear as though they actually have hairs, to do it I use 6 fine and regular Genuline needles with The Microblading technique and in addition to this, I do a soft shadow throughout the entire brows using 14 curved needles in order to give them more dimension.

Alternatively, if she prefers the penciled style, a solid fill throughout the eyebrow area using 12 or 9 needles may work for her.

I wish these tips help you select the best effect and technique for your clients' eyebrows.

Good luck

Dr. Cardona

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Denise Nahat
Denise Nahat

Thank you for your tips and tricks.


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