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Softap Eyeliner

The eyeliner will make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more dressed up. 

With Softap you will have a beautiful eyeliner smudge-proof even when you wake up.​ 

Softap Permanent makeup enhances the shape of your eyes and creates the illusion of larger and properly spaced eyes, whether you choose a natural lash enhancement or darker and dramatic liner to bring out the color of your eyes.

All eyes benefit from fuller-looking lashes, and more defined eyes.

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eliza olaru
eliza olaru

Presently you can get up each morning with a progressively “conscious” look. With changeless eyeliner/rocker shading, we can feature and feature your eyes in a characteristic and inconspicuous manner. Your eye shading will show up more clear and the lash roots will be outwardly upgraded. It just takes a couple of minutes to survey your eye shape and talk about the width and shading inclinations. Regardless of whether you need to liner just on top or both top and base, this will be altogether up to you. The client and the advisor take a discussion and go to an understanding.

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