How to achieve perfection in permanent makeup 




The word perfection is defined as something that has all the required or desirable qualities.

When we talk about permanent makeup, regardless of the technique used, we can define it as an art that aims to achieve the required or desirable qualities of a person's eyebrows, eyes or lips. In other words, it is an art that strives for perfection.

The big difference between an artist who paints and you, as an artist in permanent makeup, is that if a painter is wrong, he just only to change the canvas and start over. On the other hand, if you're wrong, the mistake you make is going to be seen for a long time on your client's face.

Daily I receive communications from several permanent makeup artists, with questions related to cases or problems they receive in their consultation or because they, themselves, have made mistakes. This means that they have failed to do a perfect job.

As long as you do a perfect job, you will have a clientele that trusts you and can recommend you to others. In the end, these are the two main objectives of your practice, satisfied customers and a greater number of them.


This leads me to the following reflection and a recommendation to meet your goals:

Achieving perfection gets your work noticed and leads to repeat customers and increases your clientele.

To achieve perfection you must insist on repetition.

With the following analogies, I want to invite you to achieve perfection through repetition.

Any renowned athlete, whether a golfer, a tennis player, or a basketball player, practices daily, trains and physically strengthens to achieve a goal and win. They repeat hundreds of times their best move, their best shot, and work to improve on it to achieve a new objective.

A great example is Michael Jordan, a basketball player who, at the beginning of his career was listed as a person without talent but who went on to become the best of his era. He says in his biography that one of the tactics he used to become the best was repetition. He went to the basketball court and practiced making free-kick baskets from different places on the court. His goal was to make 100 points in a row from the same place, if he failed in shot 88, he started again, again and again until he reached 100 points. In this way, Michael Jordan managed to make free throws with great perfection that led him to be recognized as one of the best basketball players of all time.

I invite you to practice your "best moves" daily, using whatever synthetic material that you prefer, until you master the needles and achieve perfection in your strokes, and shading. Once you have done this, set a new goal to strive for. In this way, you will become recognized as one of the best permanent makeup artists of all time.


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