How can SofTap colors and technique help correct previous work

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  • If your brows have lost their true color and faded to an unnatural hue, SofTap® professionals can cancel out the odd color by implanting a complementary color.
  • For example, if your brows have faded to a reddish-orange hue, a green color would be implanted on top of them, followed by a brow color of your choice.
  • In some cases, color can be corrected in one step.

If your faded color is not severely warm or cool, your technician may simply implant a brow color that is slightly cooler or warmer than your desired tone, and allow it to fade.

  • During the healing process, the apparent coolness or warmth of that color will disappear as it cancels out your undesired color--leaving your brows a perfect shade of your color.
  • If old color is too dark, a SofTap® professional may lighten it with a skin color or a blonde, and allow it fade to your desired tone in a few days.
  • Color correction cases vary between clients, so ask your SofTap® professional to give the recommendation that's best for you.
  • Shape correction can be performed by experienced SofTap® professionals.
  • Although large areas of color cannot be removed using the SofTap® method, our trained professionals can assist you with removing small areas of color and/or camouflaging colored areas.
  • Camouflage is considered by many permanent makeup technicians to be a last resort, however for certain clients it is a very natural solution.

Credit: SofTap Inc

  • SofTap® camouflage colors blend and heal wonderfully with most skin types, so when done properly, camouflage correction is very effective at hiding old color.

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Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen

My client has previous tattoo. It is a fade blue. I reshaped her brows so the previous color and shape out of the reshaped brow . I want to remove that patch . What I can do and what color should I put on to change that blue into skin color.
She is Asian with a light skin tone.
I am looking forward to hear from you.
Thank you!

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