About Color correction-Client Tips

  • Corrective work can be done to repair the color or shape of your previous permanent makeup.
  • If you are unhappy with your previous permanent makeup, and either wish to adjust the shape or color, exfoliate, or camouflage the area you should see a professional who performs corrections.
  • Experienced professionals can make small corrections, and adjustments to give you the look you desire.
  • Correction is custom for each client according to what is needed.
  • Some brow corrections may need a simple color change while others may need a shape adjustment as while as a color change.
  • Some shape adjustments may include a reduction of color, addition of color, or both in order to create the ultimate balanced brows.
  • Color adjustments may require a simple darkening of the brow, lightening of the brow or a complete change of brow color.

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