4 Tips To Avoid a Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Nightmare!

4 Tips To Avoid a Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Nightmare!

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Dr. Cardona's tips for microblading and permanent makeup professionals

1. Good consultation

Understanding the situation and good communication.

  • The first approach with your client is the most important.  She needs to perceive you as a knowledgeable professional, so act with confidence.


  • You need to have good communication with your client and must understand her expectations and emotional factors surrounding the permanent makeup procedure. 


  • If the case is a new permanent makeup procedure, you have the possibility to express your art easier, but if she already has one, you need to understand the situation and determine what you are able to do in order to get the best result.


  • If you make a mistake and you have a good relationship with your client, any complication is easy to solve.

2. Selecting the right color according to your client's skin type

When selecting a color  you need to :

  • Evaluate your client’s skin type and skin color, the style of the person, the type of face, The SofTap color palette (cold, neutral and warm brown colors), and the effect to be achieved.


  • If your client is blonde (skin type 2) and wants a blonde effect on her brows you should choose a neutral light brown color, if she is red hair (skin type 1) who wants a red effect on her brows, I recommend you use a warm tone. If your client is a brunette (skin type 4 or 5) who wants a chocolate effect choose a warm tone, but if she doesn’t want any red tint on her eyebrows, choose a dark neutral or cold tone.


  •  The color selection also depends on the texture you want to achieve. For individual hair strokes with either a microblading or SofTap technique, you can choose a color that matches the natural eyebrow hair. If you want a shadow or compact effect on the eyebrows, you can select the tone according to the desired tone either lighter, darker or equal to the natural eyebrow hair color. 


permanent makeup eyebrow correction


3. Tracing the eyebrow

When you want to design your client's eyebrows you need to balance her face shape and eyebrow shape. Additionally, the symmetry, the size, and thickness need to be appropriate to her style, facial expressions, and fashion.

4. In a case like the one shown in the picture

Follow this rule: don't do a new eyebrow if you haven't remove the old one. If you don't know how to do it, DO NOT do it. 

As a permanent makeup professional, our reputation is the most important to keep and grow our clientele. We have to do everything to provide not only the best results and service but to use the best products to ensure and guarantee the quality of our work. 

Thank you and good luck, 

 Dr. Cardona

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Maria Vincent
Maria Vincent

Thanks for this nice and inforamtive helpful post. I’m not a makeup artist or saloon owner but I’m a client. Those guide up there will help me to get a good saloon and also understand how good is there service is. Thanks for the post and those tips also help me to make up my eyebrows beautifully.

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