Understanding Skin Theory- SofTap Color Palettes

Understanding Skin Theory- SofTap Color Palettes

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SofTap® brow colors are divided into Cool (silver tubes), Neutral (gold tubes), and Warm (copper tubes).

  • It is very easy to select a color based on the skin type of a client this way.
  • Cool skinned people have more bluish undertones in their skin, neutral skin types tend to be more golden, and warm skinned people have a lot of red undertones.
  • If you are not sure if someone belongs in the warm or cool palette, smear a cool color on one eyebrow and smear a warm color on the other eyebrow and see which one looks the best.



The two most useful questions to ask a client when choosing a brow color are:


  1. "Do you want more or less red (warm or cool) in your brow color?"
  2. " Do you want the color light, medium, or dark in depth?"


The Cool Color Palette:

  • Colors in the cool palette are designed for people with warm undertones.
  • If you have a client with a very fair complexion and rosy cheeks, you probably want to select a brow color from the cool collection.
  • Colors in the cool palette can appear ash or green looking, but warm skin types will turn them into ashier browns.
  • In addition, clients with warm skin often have upper eyeliner that tends to be cooler than lower eyeliner, so choose a warm, dark color for upper eyeliner to compensate for this.

The Neutral Color Palette:

  • This palette contains colors with a little more red in them than the cool palette, but less than the warm palette.

If your client's skin is fair and golden but not rosy, or darker with less blue undertones, select a color from the neutral palette. 

The Warm Color Palette:

  • Warm colors are best for cool skinned clients.

  • If their skin tans easily, is olive, warmer golden, or black, then the warm collection is where you want to select your brow color.



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Credit: SofTap Inc

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