The SofTap® Hand Method

The SofTap® Hand Method


This is a blog post written by our partners at Softap Inc about the top benefits of the permanent makeup hand method created by them.

Why choose the SofTap Hand Method for doing Permanent Makeup?

  • Unlike modern body tattoos, SofTap® brand permanent makeup is implanted by hand, using only SofTap® brand hand tools.
  • This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives clients the most natural look in permanent cosmetics.
  • SofTap® believes that the natural versatility and artistic nature of the hand method are perfect for delicate work, which is why we created our signature line of patented contemporary needles for permanent makeup.
  • Your permanent cosmetic professional has complete control over where the pigment is deposited in your skin with the SofTap® hand method.
  • Every move, every touch is at your SofTap® professional's complete discretion.
  • You can relax and enjoy becoming beautiful knowing that your results will always be perfect.
  • Talented artists with gentle hands design your cosmetics exactly as you want them, down to the tiniest point of color before beginning.
  • During the procedure, SofTap® tools are dipped in SofTap® color and then gently tapped throughout the area according to the design.

Credit: Softap Inc


Soledad sanchez villalobos
Soledad sanchez villalobos

Buenos dias Dr.Sandra,gracias por los tip dr cada una de las tecnicas de guia para nuestro trabajo,por anos he usado los pugmentos de softap y me he sentido satisfecha de los resultadosresultados

Nikki Sanchez
Nikki Sanchez

I would like to compete training with a Sifttap Professional.
Please seen me information concerning Education.
I’m a Colorado Licensed Cosmetologist.

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