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Watch this video to learn how to select the best needles for eyeliners

Watch this video to learn how to select the best needles for eyeliners

Select the best needles for permanent makeup eyeliner procedures, every time.
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Post Treatment Instructions for Eyeliner

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  • We recommend that eye drops be used every one to two hours after the procedure for the first day.
  • If needed, a steroid eye drop may be prescribed as well.
  • You may use an icepack with a clean barrier such as a tissue for ten minutes maximum per hour.

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Eyeliner Styles to Recommend your client

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These are tips on how to consult with your client Eyelash Enhancement If you don't wear a lot of makeup, but feel like you look "washed out" without it, an eyelash enhancement is perfect for you. Only a very small amount of eyeliner color will be deposited throughout your natural lash line to make you appear as if your eyelashes are lush and dark. You'll never wake up looking tired again. You can always add to this look for a night out or put on some mascara to dress yourself up for work. Thin Eyeliner If your eyelashes are very...

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Tips to choose Eyeliner Colors

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Eyeliner should make your eyes "pop." The color should be a highlight, a natural complement to your irises. Many of us love the look of black eyeliner—you can have that with Black Orchid. Some of you may just want a soft black, or a dark brown—in this case we need to look at skin types. SofTap® eyeliner is divided into three main palettes to help you choose: Cool, Neutral, and Warm. The Cool Palette: For women with pale to fair skin, with some rosy hues. You tend to have warm tones in your skin which may require cooler colors for...

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What clients can expect from an Eyeliner Procedure

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Expect your custom style, your perfect eyeliner, to be with you 24/7 with SofTap®. Defined or smudged, colorful or jet-black, your eyeliner will be just the way you like it. Eyeliner is a common treatment; thousands of people have SofTap® color applied every day! The results are so fabulous you need to see it to believe it. The price of eyeliner procedures varies depending your technician's rates and on the design work involved. Thicker eyeliner with tails is generally more expensive than simple eyelash enhancements, because much more time needs to be spent on perfecting your design. Procedures are very...

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Tips on how to sell an Eyeliner Procedure

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Often when we are talking about Permanent Makeup we need to highlight the benefits of SofTap or Permanent Makeup in general. These are some bullet points that can help you talk about the Eyeliner benefits.  Your perfect look, smudge proof all night long. Your eyes are the focal point of your face, the windows to your soul. Your eyes can say a lot about you, your age, your current health, your genetics, even your disposition! So much can be learned from your eyes that they are often the first thing that people notice about you. Eyeliner can make you look...

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