Permanent Makeup Eyebrows-How to communicate the value?

These are some questions you can ask a potential client to explain the value of the procedure.
  • Treat yourself to flawless expression--without the pencil.
  • Have you permanently lost hair in your eyebrows due to tweezing or shaving?
  • Are you applying brow pencil everyday in order to compensate for this?
  • Do you have problems drawing them on straight?
  • Wouldn't you just love to get up every morning with perfectly shaped brows?
  • Well, now your wish can come true with SofTap® permanent cosmetics.
  • If you are active and have a busy lifestyle, you will love the many advantages that permanent makeup has to offer.
  • Not only will you have more time to do other things, you will feel wonderful knowing that you always look fabulous.
  • No matter what shape your brows are in now, permanent eyebrows can help you achieve anything from a subtle enhancement of color to a complete reconstruction of your existing eyebrow.

Credit: SofTap Inc

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