Is it safe doing Permanent Makeup during this time?

Is it safe doing Permanent Makeup during this time?

We are going through one of the most challenging moments in history, and none of us had experienced it before. A moment in history where the world is paralyzed by a virus, no one can imagine that a tiny microbe, that only with electronic microscopes can be visualized, can cause immense damage to humanity, the COVID-19.

I have received calls that motivated me to write this blog today and shared this important information.
I am not an authority of the public health department; however, I will share with you all the measures that must be taken in the doctor's offices at this time.

Take into account the geographical location where you are, and so you can assess your possibilities. Click here to see a map with COVID-19 cases by state

At the moment, there are many cities and counties with restricted mobility, with a mandate to shelter at home; this may be happening in your town or not. But when it comes to places where there are no these restrictions, all precautions must be taken.

I have always told my students that they must treat all clients as if they were HIV positive. At this time, we must manage all people as if they were COVID-19 positives because, unfortunately, many people do not have any symptoms and can transmit the virus; this includes you too.

  • So the offices must stay cleaner than ever, continually cleaning all surfaces.
  • The appointments should be spaced so that there are no people in the waiting room and not allow companions.
  • Review, study and implement the Occupational Safety and Health Standards by OSHA
  • Remove all pamphlets and magazines from tables in waiting rooms.
  • Not shake hands or kisses are allowed.
  • Everybody must wash their hands properly.

Permanent makeup is a procedure where we are in very close contact with our clients. Remember that the droplets of saliva transmit the virus. The masks do not prevent the person who uses it from contracting the infection, but rather prevent them from transmitting it. So if you decide to perform a procedure, both you and the client should wear masks.

It would be irresponsible to tell you that it is safe. This is a personal decision between you and your client.

This situation has forced many people to postpone appointments and has become a severe financial problem but your life is first. It is a difficult time for you as it is for us.

I suggest that you take this time to study, review topics that are in doubt, practice on synthetic material to perfect your technique.

What some people are doing is stocking up on the products they need so that when activities resume, they have the necessary supplies.

Take care of yourself and take care of others.

Stay healthy.

Dr. Sandra Cardona

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