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How to get a pink color in brown lips?

How to get a pink color in brown lips?

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All of us who do Permanent Lip Makeup want the perfect candidate for Permanent Makeup, which is a person with pink lips, a perfect shape, and pale skin so that the color we apply is the color we get; however, this is far from reality.

Often we find cases like the following: a person of Skin Type IV who has his lips with a tendency to brown and who wants pink lips. It means that she has a blue undertone in her lips. What to do in cases like this?

The first thing we should do is having an honest conversation with the client and explain what we may not be able to meet their expectations due to the natural tone of their lips since a brown color is not easy to change merely using a pink tone.

To perform this procedure, what I recommend is to apply a base with Orange Aid by making one or two passes to neutralize the blue subtone. Once neutralized, you can use an orange-pink shade like Mango Obsession. If the tone of your client's lips is light brown, a single neutralization session is sufficient, and you may apply the Mango Obsession during the same session. Otherwise, I suggest you apply Orange Aid during the first session and the Mango Obsession in a second one, one month later.



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