Why does the color appear darker after implementation? - Oxidation

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  • About 10 minutes after implantation of the SofTap® colors, you will notice that colors will appear a little darker.
  • This is because the colors are mixing and reacting with oxygen.
  • This is a natural occurrence and is nothing to worry about.
  • Colors turn darker in the same way that a slice of apple does when it has been left out for a while.
  • It is important to remember that color will heal lighter and more evenly than the color you see during the oxidation process.

When doing eyebrows:

  • if the first brow you did appears darker than the second brow you just finished, just reassure your client that it just hasn't oxidized yet.
  • The colors will heal to the perfect matching shades if you just work the same amount of time and implant at the same depth on each side of the face.

If your customer wants to know what the colors are going to heal to:

  • Then you should show her a mirror during the first five minutes of your work.
  • This is exactly what the color will heal to. How do we know this?
  • If a client has had to come in for a touchup for a missing spot, the color that is implanted in that spot is identical to the healed color that is surrounding it.
  • Please remind your clients of the fact that the colors oxidize and turn dark.

We always tell my clients that the colors will oxidize by 30-40% during the next 3-4 days.

  • After this, the color will lighten by 35-45% on approx. the 5th day and match the color that was first implanted.

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