How to use the Color Finder tool

How to use the Color Finder tool

How does the Color Finder App work?

This is very easy:
  • First just select your client's skin color, then select her eye color.
  • This will be followed by the determination of the natural hair color, which requires an honest answer from your client if they happen to dye their hair.
  • Finally, select the box corresponding to the hair color client currently has. This information helps to establish the best color according to skin type and current hair color.


Once this data has been entered, the application generates several options from which you can choose according to the effect you wish to achieve.
For example,  you may be creating individual hair strokes with microblading, a shaded look, a combination of both, or simply a solid fill.  I recommend you select two or three colors and do the "smear and match” test on the skin next to the eyebrows.
This way your client can see what the healed color will look like on the brows.
Offering your client a few options provides for participation in the color choice while you, as the artist, have the security of knowing any choice is a good choice because of the reliability of the application, not to mention the quality of the Softap pigment line.
Once the color is selected, your objective is to apply it in the best and most suitable way.
I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the application before using it with clients.
We are confident this tool will be your mainstay in the correct brow color selection for your clients.
We continue to work hard to develop new and innovative ways to deliver the best products and supports for microblading and micropigmentation artists so you can concentrate on growing your business!
¡Have a great week!
Dr. Cardona.

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