How to choose a SofTap Needle for EYEBROWS

How to choose a SofTap Needle for EYEBROWS


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The following will describe the various uses of the Comfort System needles. Keep in mind that these suggestions are our favorite uses of these needles. You may find your own favorite uses for these needles. Some of the uses of these needles will overlap. For example, you will find that a 24 extra fine needle can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner.

  • Tapping should mostly be done in the same place unless a more natural effect is desired.
  • 10-15 taps in a given area are usually sufficient to implant color permanently.
  • Everyone's hand is different. As a result, the lighter-handed professional will need to tap more times than a heavier handed professional.
  • If you want a more natural look, then random tapping while moving over the desired area will give you what you want.
  • For individual hair strokes, then 20 taps in the same exact spot may be required.
  • If you are using SofTap® colors then stop tapping in the color once you see the color saturation that you desire. This is one of the great advantages of the SofTap® colors.
  • As soon as you like what you see, stop implanting color.

For more information on our revolutionary no-mix SofTap® colors, see our Color Guide.

5-prong (brown)

  • This single row needle configuration is excellent for very very thin eyebrows or for short hair strokes on the tails of the eyebrows. If you desire longer hair strokes, just line up your hair strokes one behind the other.

7-prong (red)

  • This single row needle configuration will give you a slightly thicker eyebrow than the 5 prongs. It is also excellent for the tails of eyebrows.

9-prong (blue)

  • This single row needle configuration is one of our most popular sizes for medium width brows.

10 prong (yellow)

  • The 10 prongs fine single row needle configuration is an excellent choice for fine hair strokes on eyebrows. This has an extra fine gauge on the needle width and gives the best and thinnest hair simulation.
  • This can be used in conjunction with the 9 or 12 prong needles, which will give you slightly thicker hair strokes.
  • This can also be used with our 14 prong curved needles, which give you an instant curved line.

12 prong (green) The most popular configuration in the SofTap® needle collection!

  • 12 prong needles are commonly used for hair strokes and solid fills in medium thickness eyebrows.

14 prong curved 

  • This needle configuration is used differently than all of our other needles.
  • It can be used sideways and with each tap, you instantly get a curved line tapped into the skin.
  • This is a great needle for individual hair strokes that look more natural because they are curved.

This needle has five functions.

  1. It can be used sideways and then flipped over the other side to create a different curved line on the same eyebrow.
  2. In addition, you can use only half of the curved line for shorter hair strokes on the tail of the brow.
  3. You can use the front half for one shape of a curved line or the back half for another shape of a curved line.
  4. This needle can easily create the bulb or front of the brow with as little as 3 strokes.
  5. It can also be used in the same way that all of our other needles are used to create shorter lines.

16 prong curve (orange)

  • This is a fine gauge curved needle that is used in the same fashion as the 14 prong curve. The 16 is an excellent choice for finer hair strokes in thinner eyebrows.

15 prong (red)

  • The 15 has a rounded configuration at an angle and is best for a soft fill-in of color.

24 prong (green)

  • The 24 double row of 12-needle configuration is an extra fine gauge needle. It is an 8-gauge needle, which means that more color will be deposited in a smaller area. For a more filled in look, this is very popular.

28 prong (dark blue)

  • This double row of 14-needle configuration can be used for filling in eyebrows quickly.

Credit: SofTap Inc


Margarita Montes
Margarita Montes

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Estoy interesada en el producto soy estilista y certificada en microblending

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