3 tips on how to select a permanent makeup color

How to Select Your Color

As you know, color selection is the most important part of doing a permanent makeup procedure. The other most important part is to put it in the right place. Everyone sees color differently, some people can see the natural undertones in a client's skin and others simply cannot. We developed our colors to not only help you see undertones easily, but also to help create a natural beautiful appearance for all of your clients.

Choosing the correct color is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. There's no mixing, no guesswork, and no worries about how it will end up. Our colors have been uniquely formulated so that the tones immediately show up on the skin after you do your smear test. Both you and your client will be able to immediately see which color will be the right one.

1. Put a little bit of the color you want to see onto a cotton swab or a Microbrush.
  • How much is a little bit?
  • How about the size of this O. That's right! That is all you need.

2. Smear the color right in the treatment area.

  • If you are doing eyebrows, smear the color right into the brow. 

3. Take a dry tissue or cotton swab and wipe the area dry, completely dry. 

  • Doing this will help take off any excess color and help to give you an idea of how it might look after complete healing has taken place.
  • Don't worry about the shape of the brows at this point.
  • Explain to the client that you are only selecting the color.
  • If you want to make things look pretty, then take a damp q-tip and wipe any excess color that you do not want. It's that easy.
  • Just smear and choose.


Credit: SofTap Inc

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