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A great configuration for small details.


One of the most versatile configurations used for eyeliner, lip liner, and eyebrows.


This is the best needle for applying smudgy eyeliner.


One of SofTap’s most popular and versatile needles. Used for hair strokes, solid fills in thin eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.


This is the most popular Needle in the Softap collection! 12 prongs are commonly used for shading and solid fills in eyebrows as well as thin eyeliner and lip lines.


The 24 needle configuration is a good option for eyeliners, lip liners, and dense eyebrows . It has two rows of needles set close together for optimum color density.


This needle is great for applying medium eyeliner, thick eyeliner (top only), soft and solid fills in sparse eyebrows, and for filing in lips!


This needle is used for thicker upper eyeliner and naturally fuller lash enhancements. Also used for eyebrows and medium/ thick lip liner.


 42's are great needles for thick eyeliner (top) and filling in lips.[/short_description]|[config]|

42 Prong Straight Needle - Softap Click Tip

  • The 42 prong configuration consists of three rows of needles set at regular intervals and makes a thicker but less dense line than the 39 prong configuration.
  • 42’s are great needles for thick eyeliner (top) and filling in lips.


Awesome for applying thick upper eyeliner and filling in lips.


This a perfect configuration for filling in lips and areolas. Also used to camouflage scars


This is the configuration with the highest number of tips, ideal for covering large areas, including filling in the lips, areolas or wide camouflages.

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