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This dark, rich & lively color may be used to create individual hair strokes for a person with black eyebrows.


Ideal for individual hair strokes and the feathered effect in people with dark eyebrows.


This color is perfect for blondes who prefer a bit of gold tones in their eyebrows or for redheads who want to minimize the red in their eyebrows.


A rich, warm brown, great for brows on darker skin tones.


This is the most popular Needle in the Softap collection! 12 prongs are commonly used for shading and solid fills in eyebrows as well as thin eyeliner and lip lines.

Blockaid and Minnerva

It is the perfect combination of topical numbing creams. Block Aid prepares the skin, and Minnerva II provides vasoconstriction.

Skin Markers (5 Pack)

This needle is the best medium flexibility needle for Microblading


The most flexible Microblading needle used for super fine hair strokes. It generates less trauma


Beautiful color for soft eyelash enhancement and eyeliner on women with honey brown, blue and steel blue/gray Eyes

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