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62 gorgeous glossy, creamy colors made for the hand method! Any of our pigments may be used with a machine, mixed together to create a custom shade, or used alone for steadfast natural results!
The SofTap® needle configurations (or blades) are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, and most important of all, the most natural look in the world.

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Minnerva II- Anesthetic- Minimizes bleeding

Keep your client comfortable during the procedure with Minnerva. This combination of 4% Lidocaine and 0.04% Epinephrine is excellent for use on broken skin. Allow sitting on the surface of broken skin for 10-20 seconds. 

Recover All Ointment
White Surgical Skin Markers (2 Pack)

White surgical skin markers for keeping your shapes! Good for 2-3 passes, easier to remove than the gentian violet markers. Comes in a 2-pack, for single-use only! 

Blockaid Phase I- Anesthetic

It is the cream that prepares the skin with a perfect numbing. It is safe for eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Pre-numb all procedures with Blockaid.  It works well on unbroken skin before you start your procedure. Allow Blockaid to sit on the surface of the skin for 15-20 minutes. 

Skin Markers (5 Pack)
Large Disposable Color Cups (100 per bag)

Disposable cups to use with the metal finger ring or the plexiglass cup holder

Softap Colors Tube Tray
3x3 Nonwoven Sponges (200 Pack)

An excellent gauze for wiping/cleaning the skin during the procedure. It has just the right amount of absorbency for efficient cleaning without excess moisture or dryness. 

Sweetheart Finger Rings (Box of 100)

For multiple uses during Permanent Makeup procedures

Biohazards Sharps Container

The 5-quart biohazards sharps container is the perfect size for a busy practice

Small Color Cups (100 per bag)
7 Tube Tray for Softap Colors- Does not include colors

Beautiful black velvet tray to exhibit colors, anesthetics and recover all

Microbrush Dispenser with 50 regular brushes
Softap Needle Tray
Microbrush Regular (box of 100)

Pre-inked mapping string for brow design and symmetry

50 Tube Tray for Colors

Showcase and organize your beautiful SofTap color collection using this convenient tray. Colors not included/short_description]|[config]|

Black velvet 5 tier tray 

  • This tray fits perfectly on top of your SofTap Deluxe Case
  • Keep your colors, numbing creams, and recover all organized and on hand all the time.

Microbrush Fine (Box of 100)
Plexiglass Cup Holder
4 Inch Braided Lip Rolls (50 pack)

It helps you get an even surface to work on when filling in or feathering color into lips.

Stencil for Eyebrows A001 - Ainara
Poster: Before & After Lip
Lip Brushes (50 pack)
Stencil for Eyebrows A006 - Athena
Stencil for Eyebrows A005 - Anita
Stencil for lips C001 - Cindy
Poster: Choose Your Perfect Brow

Guide your client through shapes and styles with this creative and gorgeous poster!

Poster: Before & After Eye Brow
Poster: Before & After Eyeliner

Put this poster up in your office to get clients thinking about their personal eyeliner style!

Stencil for lips G001 - Gina
Stencil for Eyebrows K001 - Kate
Poster: Before & After Hair Stroke Eyebrow

 A special poster just for hair strokes! Showcase the possibilities of beautiful hair stroke eyebrows with SofTap.

Stencil for lips R003 - Rosalie
Stencil for lips A008 - Andrea
Stencil for Eyebrows M001 - Megan
Stencil for Eyebrows A004 - Ana Maria
Stencil for Eyebrows A002 - Alex
Poster: Styles and Shapes
Stencil for Eyebrows S001 - Sandra
Poster: SofTap Needle Guide
Stencil for lips D002 - Diane
Stencil for eyebrows K002 - Kris
Stencil for Eyebrows R002 - Ruth
Stencil for Eyebrows E002 - Erica

The easiest way to choose color for your clientele!Use our pre-made mini kits for brows to get the most popular colors for your most common clients

Stencil for lips T001 - Tracy
Stencil for eyebrows R004 - Rena
Stencil for eyebrows C002 - Claire
Stencil for Eyebrows J004 - June
Stencil for Eyebrows E001 - Elena
Stencil for Eyebrows B001 - Brittany
Stencil for Eyebrows A003 - Amanda
Head Magnifier w/Center LED Lights
Stencil for lips P002 - Paige
Stencil for eyebrows D003 - Darcy
Stencil for eyebrow A009 - Ann
Stencil for Eyebrows W001 - William
Stencil for Eyebrows  S002 - Sean
Stencil for Eyebrows J002 - John
Stencil for Eyebrows I001 - Irene
Stencil for Eyebrows H002 - Helena
Stencil for Eyebrows D001 - Drew

Refine your skills and work on these ink or inkless practice pads! These soft, yet sturdy mats are designed to mimic real skin.


Refine your skills and work on these ink or inkless practice pads! These soft, yet sturdy mats are designed to mimic real skin.

Brow Needle Mini Kit  | Ombre Brows

Ombre brows have a pronounced gradient effect with a beautiful sugar-like pattern..

Brow Needle Mini Kit  | Ultra-Light Brows

Ultra-light powder brows are best for clients who only need a hint of color.

Stencil for Eyebrows R001 - Roberta
Stencil for Eyebrows M003 - Mikayla
Stencil for Eyebrows M002 - Merida
Stencil for Eyebrows J003 - Julie
Stencil for Eyebrows J001 - Jennifer
Stencil for Eyebrows H001 - Hannah
Stencil for Eyebrows E003 - Esmeralda
Stencil for Eyebrows A007 - Aurora
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