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When it comes to permanent makeup, you need more than just needles and pigments. The topical anesthetics and PMU accessories below help your clients to know they are in the best hands when they come to you for that “wake up to makeup” look. The SofTap Collection of procedural supplies for the permanent cosmetic professional include everything from ring pigment holders to disposable color cups for permanent cosmetics to a biohazard needle container. We also offer organization solutions for permanent makeup artists, as well as over the counter topical anesthetics so your clients are always comfortable. Shop the collection of permanent cosmetic accessories below!

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It is the cream that prepares the skin with a perfect numbing. It is safe for eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Pre-numb all procedures with Blockaid.  It works well on unbroken skin before you start your procedure. Allow Blockaid to sit on the surface of the skin for 15-20 minutes. 


Keep your client comfortable during the procedure with Minnerva. This combination of 4% Lidocaine and 0.04% Epinephrine is excellent for use on broken skin. Allow sitting on the surface of broken skin for 10-20 seconds. 


White surgical skin markers for keeping your shapes! Good for 2-3 passes, easier to remove than the gentian violet markers. Comes in a 2-pack, for single-use only! 


Disposable cups to use with the metal finger ring or the plexiglass cup holder


An excellent gauze for wiping/cleaning the skin during the procedure. It has just the right amount of absorbency for efficient cleaning without excess moisture or dryness. 


It helps you get an even surface to work on when filling in or feathering color into lips.


Beautiful black velvet tray to exhibit colors, anesthetics and recover all


Showcase and organize your beautiful SofTap color collection using this convenient tray. Colors not included/short_description]|[config]|

Black velvet 5 tier tray 

  • This tray fits perfectly on top of your SofTap Deluxe Case
  • Keep your colors, numbing creams, and recover all organized and on hand all the time.

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