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How to choose a SofTap Needle for LIPS

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Lips are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than eyeliners and eyebrows. They do not accept color as well as other areas. Lip liner needs about 10-15 taps in the same spot while the full lip fill needs about 50 –60 taps per section LIP LINER 10 prong (yellow). This single row needle configuration is an excellent choice for a super fine line in order to create the desired shape on the lip line. This in combination with the 18 prong used on the inside edge of the line created with the 10 prong will give you the most beautiful lip line you will...

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Post Treatment Instructions after Lips procedure

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As with all other procedures, stay out of the sun! Lips will feel swollen and dry after the procedure. The duration of overall dryness varies between clients. Minimize dryness as much as possible by using your RecoverAll post treatment ointment. Apply RecoverAll to your lips whenever they feel with a clean cotton swab. NOT your fingers, this may cause a secondary infection. For just the first 72 hours following your procedure, we strongly advise you to only brush your teeth with water, toothpaste may irritate your lips and interfere with the healing process. Do not use any beauty or facial...

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What to expect from Permanent Makeup Lips?

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Some of the most fantastic work in permanent makeup is seen with SofTap® lip procedures.
  • The results are as they should be—a soft and natural enhancement to your existing lip.
  • Lip procedures are some of the most design intensive and technically difficult treatments to perform.
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Why should your client do Permanent Makeup on their Lips?

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  • Do you spend a lot of time lining and coloring your lips every day?
  • Do you worry about your lipstick coming off all the time?
  • Wouldn't it be fabulous to know that your lips are done perfectly, 24 hours a day?

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