The SofTap® colors have been considered the finest pigments for doing permanent makeup and have had an excellent reputation since 1988, when they were launched onto the market. But... Why?


Softap uses only high-quality ingredients. The origin of these ingredients is mineral; this is one of the reasons why they do not cause allergy. To confirm this statement, the Softap colors were tested in a Lab in Europe which concluded that they are hypoallergenic. Your clients must know that you are using safe colors.


Their characteristic creamy consistency enables better color implantation and prevents splattering and drying up.


The Softap colors may be used with different techniques, including electric machines and other hand methods and the results are always fantastic.


Softap has a wide color palette that may be used with all skin types and includes colors for eyebrows (cool, neutral and warm), eyeliners, lips (brown/pink, mauve/pink, orange /pink, and red/pink), camouflage, areola, and corrections. This allows you to select the perfect color that fits my client complexion.h


They are easy to choose. The smear n' Match color system makes the color selection easy and reliable. How does it work? I take a little bit of color, apply it to my client’s skin, smear it, and the color that I see is the color that I get.


These colors are ready to use, but when I want to create a custom blend, just mix any of the SofTap® colors with each other. There are no limitations and endless possibilities!


Softap has consistent batches. Every time I order a color, I get the same high performance as the last one.


Long lasting results. I have seen clients with unchanged color in their permanent makeup after 8 years, of course, this doesn’t happen to everybody. I usually recommend a touch up every 2 years to refresh the color and to keep the best result. To get the best result I always mix the color very well in the tube before I dispense it in the cup, this way I get a uniform consistency of the color.


I use the Softap colors since 1997 and I proudly say that all my clients have been satisfied with the results.


And the last but not less important thing, with the Softap colors I am sure that my clients get the most natural results in permanent makeup.

It all comes down to this:

Softap Colors buy permanent makeup
Softap Colors buy permanent makeup
Softap Colors buy permanent makeup

They are safe, natural and long-lasting colors.

Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

I hope that this information helps you to take advantage of the benefits of the Softap hand method. 
 Talk soon,
 Dr. Sandra Cardona

Email: Info@BuyPermanentMakeup.com Phone: +1(510)423-3014


Consuelo R.

Mahogany - 080- Dark- Neutral Palette

This is my favorite color to make permanent makeup eyeliners. No other brand has a color like this one. Softap is definitely the best brand for professionals.

Linda Velez

 Black Orchid - 331- Eyeliner Color

My Favorite Softap Pigment is Black Orchid. I use it primarily for my lash enhancements. My clients really love it, and it has great power staying!

Abby Tieman

Pecan Pie - 740- Dark- Cool Palette

Only pigments I have used since starting my small business 4 years ago. I'm crazy about pecan pie brow pigment! I order it so often!!!

 Korin Diaz 

Royal Fudge - 160- Dark- Warm palette

I have bought today two new colors to add to my daily work. Royal fudge and bordeux. I just love these products. The palette of colors are beautiful, the color last more time and my clients are so happy.




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