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Advanced Color Mini Kit | 3D Areola Brown

Deep, earthy browns, and light fleshy tans are the key to create delicate areolas that natural and not too pink or purple.

Advanced Color Mini Kit | 3D Areola Mauve

Many natural areola have mauve browns and cool pink tones that are difficult to replicate,  but are now possible with SofTap pigments

Advanced Color Mini Kit | 3D Areola Pink

Create delicate fades, shadows, and rises on a flat surface using only color and gentle, round configurations from SofTap.

Advanced Color Mini Kit | Color Correction

From time to time you will come across faded pigment that may have changed color;

Advanced Color Mini Kit | Scalp Micropigmentation

For both men and women.

Advanced Color Mini Kit | Skin Tone Dark

Excellent camouflage work requires multiple
colors and custom blending for each client;

Advanced Color Mini Kit | Skin Tone Light

Excellent camouflage work requires multiple colors and custom blending for each client;

Advanced Color Mini Kit | Skin Tone Tan

Excellent camouflage work requires multiple colors and custom blending for each client;

Advanced Needle Mini Kit | 3D Areola

We’ve slected the best tools to create the illusion of protrusion.

Advanced Needle Mini Kit | Cover, Blend & Correct

Covering and correcting old pigment tones can be done with a soft layer of a new color, or a saturating layer of a neutralizing tone.

Advanced Needle Mini Kit | Delicate & Mature Skin

Give your older clientele gram-worthy brows, eyeliner, or lips with our favorite selection of needles for delicate, mature skin

Advanced Needle Mini Kit | Lightning Pigment Exfoliation

CLightning Pigment Exfoliator may lift small areas of unwanted pigment.

Advanced Needle Mini Kit | Paramedical

We’ve selected a variety of needles to cover and blend back into the skin.


Este set indispensable de pigmentos te brindará la mejor selección de los colores de cejas favoritos de SofTap


 Crea Cejas 3D plumosas con nuestros pigmentos favoritos para vellos individuales


Los pelirrojos son únicos y vienen en diferentes matices.

Kit de Color| Mujeres de Ceja Negra

¡La forma más fácil de elegir el color para tu clientela!Usa nuestros mini kits preseleccionados de cejas para obtener los colores más populares para tus clientes más comunes.

Kit de Agujas| Cejas Ombre

Ombre brows have a pronounced gradient effect with a beautiful sugar-like pattern..


The easiest way to choose color for your clientele!Use our pre-made mini kits for brows to get the most popular colors for your most common clients

Kit de Agujas| Cejas ultraligeras

Ultra-light powder brows are best for clients who only need a hint of color.


Se cura maravillosamente en personas con cabello muy claro y rubio ceniza.


Es perfecto para mezclas de blanco, sal y pimienta, y gris / rubio.

Lip Color Mini Kit | Imposter Lips

The Imposter Collection, guaranteed to match anyone’s natural lip color.

Lip Color Mini Kit | Nude Lips

Gorgeous, pastel and light nude color lips make you think of days at the beach and sipping cold drinks

Lip Color Mini Kit | Volumizing Lips

Create the illusion of larger, fuller lips with color and contour effects.

Lip Needle Mini Kit | Best of Lips

This simplified kit includes SofTap’s favorite lip needles!

Lip Needle Mini Kit |Borderless Lip Tint

A barely there, light tint of color to enhance lips.

Lip Needle Mini Kit |Full Lip

You can pigment the entire lip with bold color by starting with the lip line, feathering the edge into lip, and filling from there..

Lip Needle Mini Kit |Line & Feather

A lip-line and feather defines the border of the lip and blends that color into the body of the lip, without adding color throughout.

Lip Needle Mini Kit |Ombre Lip

Create the illusion of volume and pout by varying the tools you use to highlight protruding areas and shadow others.


Este color es ideal para las rubias de tono mediano con tonos rosados en la piel.

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