New evolutions from Softap

One of the things I like the most about Softap as a Company is that it is always at the forefront of the latest trends in permanent makeup. The Softap technique has always been characterized as a gentle technique with natural results. With that being said, new innovations keep the options in step with advances in the machine method, giving artists greater choice, and a wider range of options.

Now, with these new needles, our work will look even more realistic.

The new needles are the 13 U and 17 C.
The 17 C was fashioned after the very popular 16 curve, but  thinner.
The 13 U is a tiny needle arranged in a "U" shape for seamless maneuver. The difference between this Softap “U” needle and other brands’ "U" needles is that this one is more gentle in the skin.

These needles are very flexible, giving artists the opportunity to create gorgeous defined hair stroke eyebrows.


Nano needles are extra fine needles engineered to create a more defined look.

What does needle gauge mean?

It is the thickness of each needle. Every Softap needle's gauge is identified underneath the number on the back of each packaged needle. 

Needle gauge is an important consideration. New artists need to understand how to select the suitable configuration and the correct gauge by doing the appropriate skin assessment during the consultation.

the softap NEEDLE'S GAUGE

Now Softap has three different gauge needles: Regular, fine, and the new nanoneedles.
Mixing up hair stroke thickness lends itself well to dimension and enhanced naturality. 

1-regular gauge needles

The regular needles are the Softap standard. They are larger and thicker and have more space in between each one. They are better for thicker skin, bold strokes, and thick eyeliners or lip lines.

2- fine gauge needles

The fine gauge needles are better for fragile skin and medium thick eyebrow hair strokes and fine lines.

3.  new nanoneeldes

The nano needles are used for more defined and delicate hair strokes. You may also use them to create extra hair strokes to fill spaces between strokes that were created with a larger gauge needle.

 Super Dynamic and Natural eyebrows

A natural eyebrow has different gauges of hairs; some are fine, some are coarse. At the beginning of the head, the hairs are shorter and thinner. They get progressively thicker and longer along the rise to the arch. Past the arch the hairs typically become shorter and thinner toward the brow tail. To get that natural effect in individual hair strokes, you need to mimic it by combining needles. For the beginning of the head of the eyebrows, you may use the Nano Needles, followed by the 16 needles. For the arch, you may use the 14 C or 6 C regular needles. For the tail and in between the hairs, you may use the Nano Needles again.

Remember that the technique AFFECTS HEALED RESULTS!

Now you can combine these new Nano Needles with the regular and fine gauge needles to get the most natural effects in individual hair strokes.

The good thing about the Genuline needles is that you may combine microblading and the traditional Softap technique for individual hair strokes. By doing this, the pigment will last longer in the skin than using the microblading method alone. Of course, it will depend on the number of taps that you do in one spot and the color that you use.

featured products

13 Prong Nano U-Curve Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup Needle
13 Prong Nano U-Curve Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup Needle
13 Prong Nano U-Curve Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup Needle
13 Prong Nano U-Curve Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup Needle
17 Prong Nano Curved Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup
17 Prong Nano Curved Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup
17 Prong Nano Curved Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup
17 Prong Nano Curved Click Tip - Softap Permanent Makeup

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