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Softap is always at the forefront of the latest trends, creating and improving its products
On this occasion, Softap has reformulated colors in the lines of skin tones and areolas, and now you can get even better results.

Next, we are going to tell you what changes we have made, and you will also have access to the new color chart that you can find and download at the end of this newsletter

Pearl softap color
Reformulated Skin Colors

Two popular skin tones have been improved to better match skin tones for scar and camouflage procedures.

Colors 401-Pearl and 402-Sandy Beach changed to be cooler and less red.

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Reformulated Areola Colors

Now you can get more natural and realistic effects with the new reformulated areola colors. They have been cooled down and boosted with a touch of mauve to better match the natural tones present in the breast- reducing the time you spend custom mixing the perfect color.

610 - Pinkaboo: less orange, more mauve
620 - Princess: less orange, cooler brown
630- Sinnamon: less orange, slightly more mauve
640- Mocha Java: more mauve- brown
650- Cherries Jubilee: more mauve-pink

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What's the same?

The same high standard of safe and high-quality ingredients you expect from SofTap. These reformulations have no new ingredients; only the shades have been altered.

 Like all SofTap pigments, these reformulated tones meet the strict EU standards and contain no banned ingredients.

I hope this information helps you to understand the softap color chart better.
 Please let us know if anything is confusing, and we can clarify.


The Most Natural Look in Permanent Cosmetics
Welcome to the revolutionary SofTap pigment line


El look más natural en cosmética permanente
Bienvenido a la revolucionaria línea de pigmentos SofTap


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