The Right Hands Plus The Right Tools Equals Perfection

  • Have you ever wondered if the colors and tools you use mars the quality of your work in some way?
  • What would your results look like if you could get access to better products?
  • As an artist struggling with these thoughts, don’t you think your clients deserve the best products in the market?
  • Are you ready to use the best of the best?

Going Permanent

Permanent cosmetics and Microblading are fast becoming the ‘thing’ in the makeup world. Never has the crave for more efficient (permanent) ways to look good without experiencing known cosmetic surgery shortcomings been this high.

As a cosmetologist, estheticians and artists, what does this mean? The answer simply is this: there’s a great need that requires an even greater delivery, and having the right colors and tools goes a long way in helping you deliver optimally. As a practitioner of permanent cosmetics, having extensive knowledge and regular practice is important; however, being the best can only be achieved when the best hands meet the best tools. In essence, investing in the best permanent cosmetic tools is equally as important as gathering required knowledge.

Introducing SofTap® and

Established in 1988, SofTap® is a leading advocate for safe, natural, and long lasting colors. All SofTap pigments are produced using top quality and hypoallergenic ingredients, which do not contain any FD&C or D&C dyes. In addition, SofTap® have developed an excellent reputation for regularly producing top of the line permanent cosmetic tools and equipment. Innovation, adaptability and top quality are the key attributes of every SofTap® product. is the no 1 online store for all SofTap® permanent cosmetic colors and tools.

SofTap® Needles (or blades)

“Wide variety of needles with straight , curved and rounded configurations for different effects

SofTap® Colors

Ample Color Palette for eyebrows, eyeliners, camouflage, areola and corrections

How right is & SofTap® for me?

At Buypermanentmakeup, we are of the opinion that getting access to the right products should require as little effort as possible, and that’s why we have partnered with SofTap® to bring to all practitioners of permanent cosmetics the best supplies available in the cosmetic world today. SofTap® is known for producing quality and innovative products in the following categories:

Softap Colors


  • Colors that can be used with machines and all hand methods
  • Generate the most natural result
  • Can be used with all skin types
  • Have been used safely and effectively on thousands of people since 1988
  • Stunning and gorgeous results
  • Less touch-ups

Softap Needles


  • Flexible needles which provide more precision and control
  • Are ergonomic and comfortable
  • Needles (blades) available for hand methods like Softap or Microblading
  • The needles come in different kind of pens:
    • Disposable Pens in which needles are attached to the needle holder
    • Click sticks with interchangeable needle tips

The products used during Permanent Makeup are almost as important as the artists themselves, therefore, investing in quality colors and needles, is always a win-win situation.

For Top of the Line Colors, Needles and Supplies for Micropigmentation and Microblading

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