Microblading Supplies

Microblading Kits, Needles & Pens

Softap offers a large palette of colors to use in all skin types.
You may achieve the most natural look using these high-quality and creamy consistency colors which have quick adherence on the skin with no splattering.
The Softap needles (or blades for Microblading) are called GenuLine™ needles. They are set tightly next to each other and angled at the tip as well as the base of the needle configuration. 
The most gentle way to create crisp, beautiful hair strokes with a hand tool. 

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Block-Aid Phase I- Anesthetic

It is the cream that prepares the skin with a perfect numbing. It is safe for eyes, eyebrows, and lips. For use on unbroken skin

Minnerva II- Anesthetic- Minimizes bleeding
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