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10 Tips on Changing the Darkness / Lightness of Colors

10 Tips on Changing the Darkness / Lightness of Colors

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There are two situations when you need to change a color: A) If you want to change the pigment itself or B) If you need to change the color of an eyebrow from a previous permanent makeup procedure, keep in mind the following advice.

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Why does the color appear darker after implementation? - Oxidation

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Learn more about the natural oxidation of the color after implementation.

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3 Tips for selecting permanent makeup colors using Fitzpatrick skin types:

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For Asian, Black, and Hispanic with skin types 4, 5, & 6 use the following colors as your guide: For a black look, use Mahogany. For a dark brown look, then use German Chocolate, Cafe` Ole, or Royal Fudge. For a medium brown look, you may want to use either Chocolate Truffle, Cocoa, or Copper. For a light brown look; use Bordeaux, Milk Chocolate, or Caramel. For Brunettes of Dark, Medium, and Light Brown hair with skin types 1,2, or 3: For a black color use Charcoal or Mahogany For a medium to dark brown color, use Earth or Expresso...

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3 tips on how to select a permanent makeup color

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How to Select Your Color As you know, color selection is the most important part of doing a permanent makeup procedure. The other most important part is to put it in the right place. Everyone sees color differently, some people can see the natural undertones in a client's skin and others simply cannot. We developed our colors to not only help you see undertones easily, but also to help create a natural beautiful appearance for all of your clients. Choosing the correct color is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. There's no mixing, no guesswork, and no worries about...

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Benefits of SofTap Colors

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Welcome to the revolutionary SofTap® pigment line! Ever since 1988, SofTap® has had an excellent reputation for safe, natural, and long lasting color. Thousands of satisfied customers proudly wear SofTap® colors without anyone ever knowing they had permanent makeup--and that's the way it should be! Safely and effectively used on thousands of people since 1988 Some of the advantages of SofTap® Colors: All of our pigments strictly use high quality ingredients, are hypoallergenic, and do not contain any FD&C or D&C dyes. Rich, thick, and creamy consistency implants more color with each tap Minimal touch ups, if any Greater customer...

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