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4 steps on how to do #PatchTesting

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Patch Testing

  • It is highly suggested to give a patch test in the area that you will be putting permanent makeup on the client.
  • This is not because of any allergic reaction, but to see how color changes in the skin.
  • The SofTap® colors are transparent, and they will mix with whatever undertones are in the skin.
  • Sometimes the undertones and natural chemistry in a person's skin can slightly ashen or warm the color, so it is always a good idea to do this.


1. Take a small amount of the color you want to test and actually implant it into the treatment area.

  • Brows should be spot tested right into the brow area;
  • Lip color should be tested right into the lip.
  • A lip extension (color placed slightly over the lip vermilion) should be placed exactly where it will be placed in the procedure.
  • Eyeliner tests should be done behind the ear. 

2. Take a picture, give the client some RecoverAll, and let them go home.

Schedule an appointment for them to come back after one week.

3. After one week, compare the color in the bottle to the color in the skin.

4. IF’s:

  • If the color appears ashier than the bottle, then this means that the client has very strong blue undertones in the skin.
  • If this occurs, then you know to choose a color from the warm palette.
  • If the color appears warmer than the bottle, the client has strong red undertones and you know that you need a color from the cool palette.

Credit: SofTap Inc



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